Mea Vicis Productions

MVP is a Toronto-based collective of artists who practice a multitude of forms, united by the love of skateboarding. While some of us have previously collaborated under different collectives, MVP has come together to produce a three-part project for this summer, "(It's) the Pits".

As we are all skaters or interested by skate culture, in addition to being artists and/or locals of Christie Pits Skatepark, it was with great intention that we came together to execute this particular project.

We are particularly proud to have a network of support from across the skate community's spectrum; individuals, not-for-profit organizations and private businesses have all expressed their interest in our collective's upcoming works. As such, we will be working closely with partners from outside of MVP throughout our upcoming projects.

The Members

MVP's core members represent a wide range of skills and connections across theatre, cinema, television, writing, fashion and more.

Althea Yi

Writer, Director, Web Developer

Emma Brito

Writer, Digital Futures Artist

Max Chu

Integrated Media Artist

Mégane Degousée

Actress, Director, Acting Coach

Moe Marino

Video Artist

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